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Random OD&D Dungeon Solo Play Report #3 - The Riches of Graf the Veteran

July 11, 2021 — Doug

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For this session I rolled up Graf the Veteran. He was light on starting gold, and so was outfitted with chain armor, a spear and a sling, with 12 torches, rations and a flask of oil in his backpack. He started with 3hp.


Random OD&D Dungeon Solo Play Report #2 - Freya versus the Undead

June 25, 2021 — Doug

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For this session I rolled up Freya the Acolyte. She was outfitted with plate, shield, mace and the usual assortment of dungeoneering equipment, and had 3hp. Again I'm using the 3LBBs as written, with the Strategic Review random dungeon tables and the Monster & Treasure Assortment as needed.


Random OD&D Dungeon Solo Play Report #1 - Delth's Folly

June 21, 2021 — Doug

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I've been running OD&D solo sessions on and off for the past few months, as I have some time and the inclination I roll up a PC and run through a random dungeon crawl. I'm sticking to the three 3LBBs with some other bits from the same time period:

  • The Strategic Review Issue #1 "Solo Dungeon Adventures".

  • D&D Monster and Treasure Assortment (useful not only for monsters and treasure, but for the "Treasure is contained/guarded/hidden by/in" tables.

  • The revised underworld wandering monster tables from the Greyhawk Supplement (this is all I'm using from that supplement), just to give a bit more variety.

  • Various unstocked maps, as needed.



June 20, 2021 — Doug

Welcome to the the new blog! With the recent changes to the Wordpress editing interface (now non-optional unless you pay for a business account), I felt I needed something that fits my workflow better. I write my posts in markdown and the new interface doesn't fully support that the way it used to. So this blog is self-hosted on the same server that runs my OSR gaming forum. I've kept things simple by using a customized Bashblog, and also made secure connections optional to fully support older clients. All the posts on my old blog will remain there.

What about comments? Most of my posts will have a link to a dedicated board on my forum where discussion can take place. You can also send me an email (smwiz at

If you had an email subscription to my old blog, on the sub-forum page at the bottom is a link to subscribe ('Subscribe forum'). Click that, and you'll get emails when a new post arrives.

Finally, for those using a feed reader, there is an RSS feed available.

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